The importance of fat

Although I have been seeing small changes like a slimmer face, a lifted behind, and a, might I add, sexy collar bone, I weighed myself to find out that I was at 199 pounds. Still. :< And this midsection is not moving along fast enough for me. Maybe it is a little early to get concerned, but fearful of a 2 week plateau I’ve decided to change my diet.

Sean of Underground Wellness explains this plateau pretty darn well.

I’ll let yaw know how this goes. I brought some raw cheddar and raw butter today as well as some beef, bacon, and sprouted wheat grain bread. And breakfast was the bomb! I had two omega-3 eggs fried in coconut oil, bacon, a skillet-toasted slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Bread with raw butter, and a medium banana. Right away, I noticed having a boost in energy. But we’ll see how everything feels after a few days. My tummy is weird like that.


1 week of solid hard work, many more to come

My workout set up in the backyard for day 3 of metabolic resistance training. I actually really like agilities.

I dropped some weight this week! Yay! 😀 Not only a few pounds off my frame, but also the partner I was involved with that didn’t really support my healthy lifestyle change.

Oh the time that was freed. With this newly freed time, I did meal prep, had more time to sleep, and stayed more dedicated to my fitness plan; 5 meals a day, plenty of cranberry water for liver cleanse, and 6 days of fun workouts.

This week was the first week back on the Fat Flush Plan and my first week working with the Underground Workout Manuel. I loved it and felt overall better all week.

It’s only been a week and I think I am in love with the Underground Workout Manuel! Brett Klika, Director of Athletics at Fitness Quest 10 and fitness friend of UndergroundWellness creator Sean Croxton, has put together a program that keeps the workouts exciting and the body confused. As explained by Brett in his manual, keeping the body confused means more effective workouts and weight loss.

And I have to testify to the effectiveness of Brett’s workouts. Although I am only in the first week, I have noticed that my emotions have improved, my energy levels are awesome, and I literally feel stronger. Not to mention that I lost 4 pounds! Also, the cardio is very effective but not something I dread completing. The provided journals in the manual are great too.

I feel good all over!



Chub Around the Waist: belly fat, potbelly, love handles and back fat

Muffin top, spare tire, the keg, extra cushion for the pushin’, whatever you might call that layer of fat plastered around your midsection, it seems to have no problem sticking around for the long haul. Either you’ve tried extra sit-ups or some gimmicky belly fat targeting diet to get rid of it, but there it is to greet you in the morning and spill over your pants.

Front view of the muffin top

I’ve been tucking mine away for years now. Belly fat, love handles, and back fat stack on my body when I gain weight. Yeah, I love my thick, shapely legs and blessed buttocks, but boy do I hate my midsection fat… Eww! I often wish that I were one of those thick women that are blessed with flat tummies and thick thighs like Buffy the Body and Tiara Kristine.  Many of us attempt to obtain such figures by believing all we need are grueling crunches.

Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed into believing that we can gun through 100 sit-ups a day and wake up with sexy abs after about a month or so. But I have learned that the secret to sexy abs begins way before you even think about hitting the ground for a crunch.

It begins with a healthy body and fat loss. Thanks to my mom’s keen eye for effective and wholesome fat loss routines, I learned this at a fairly early age.  As my mom watched a hefty 245-pound teenager wobble around, she realized she had to do something.

My 285 pound mother and I then started to follow the work and cleansing routine of health guru and author Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, and her Fat Flush PlanWe fell in love with the program as the pounds seemed to fall off effortlessly. Now I’m pretty sure that there were rough times, but the end result was so lovely, I don’t even remember them.

245 at 14-years-old. My mother put me on the plan when I was 17 I believe.

After Fat Flush Plan: At 160 to 170 in my early 20s

Like any well working machine there is a requirement of maintenance and we didn’t really work through that portion of the book. Within five years I put on weight until I was a little under 220 pounds.

Despite my weight gain, I found the book extremely helpful and truthful. There was a section in the book that explained the need to incorporate the different phases into my lifestyle. This is obviously what I did not do since I am here with another fitness journal dedicated to weight loss.

What’s the chub around your waist?

An Unhealthy Liver

  • The idea of the Fat Flush Plan is to support the liver, aid it in cleansing for the elimination of excess water weight, make one aware of food allergies, and regulate insulin levels.  What I need to do is cleanse my liver and eliminate excess weight in order to get rid of the cellulite and midsection fat.

Whole wheat

  • Another approach to belly fat is the elimination of wheat as explained by renowned cardiologist William Davis in his book Wheat Belly. I’ve never read the book, but have found that going without wheat has helped my digestion and helped in weight loss.
  • According to Davis, wheat can cause rashes, high blood sugar, and stomach fat. He has found that wheat is the “single largest contributor to the nationwide epidemic”. Go figure. I’m pretty sure we’ve heard plenty of times before to load up on whole-wheat products for weight loss.  You could have actually been making your weight loss journey much harder.

Read description of Wheat Belly

An Excess of stress hormones

  • I’ve also came across the work of Dr. Russel Farris and Dr. Per Marin in their book The Pot Belly Syndrome. I’ve started reading this book, but I have not finished yet. According to a product description on, the book explains that the potbelly is a metabolic disorder initiated by “long-term excess of the stress hormone cortisol.”
  • Potbelly Syndrome, or PBS, leads to obesity of the abdomen, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Read description of The Potbelly Syndrome 

Slow Down, Shop Smart

Cheapest trusted Plantains

Today I picked up some produce at one of my favorite stores, Real Produce. Real Produce, in San Jose, is small and the customer service is always awesome. Also equally awesome, if not more, are the prices!! I LOVE THE PRICES!

I have yet to walk out of this shop spending more than 20 bucks. Here is where I found that buying leafy salad greens by the bulk is a whole heap cheaper than buying the bags at the supermarket. I would love to say that everything is cheaper here than at the supermarket, but that is not the case. I can usually remember the price range of a veggie or fruit and decide to go elsewhere. Real Produce, however, remains my first stop. 

It is definitely important to shop around when beginning a wholesome eating lifestyle. Especially if your pockets are about as tight as mine. When I first decided to change my lifestyle, Wholefoods freaked me out. The price of vitamins and supplements also discouraged my intended changes.

Then I discovered the power of being a good shopper. I pay attention to prices and do not hesitate to pass an item. I also found that doing research on vitamins, supplements, and cleansing or detox supplements saves a ton of money. I save by reading ingredients. If the cheaper item does the same thing as the more expensive item and still has a lot of the essential nutrients I was looking for, I go with the cheaper item. Obviously. 🙂

It is essential to begin with a plan to avoid picking up produce and other foods you will not be able to eat in time. When I first started out last year, I found that I purchased food too enthusiastically instead of slowing down for an informed and cheaper trip. At first, I probably lost about $5 in produce every two weeks to mold and my left-overs occasionally went bad. As a busy student, intern, and academic assistant, I was barely at home to eat what I brought.

When I shop I consider how busy my week is, what I have time to prepare, and how much do I actually eat. On busier weeks, anything that decomposes quick or needs a considerable amount of chopping, I don’t purchase. I also found that dried fruits and raw nuts are my friends. 😀

As you explore the world of wholesome eating, and leave behind the heavily processed foods, you will find that what you spent on frosted flakes, pizza rolls, and trips to burger joints, can easily fund better choices. You might even find yourself saving some money.

Good eating for under 20 bucks




My Man: the enabler

Chubby together

Last evening, as I sat in my boyfriend’s apartment, chowing on something out of my budget and off of my diet, I started to wonder how I got to this point. I’m supposed to be turning over a new leaf, changing my ways, and making better choices, not only about my diet, but also about my money. But around my man, all hell breakes loose.

My boyfriend is a man that eats out for a majority of his meals. A meal at home is a Cup-of-Noodle and leftovers.  He does not workout, smokes tobacco, and smokes more trees than I care to acknowledge. His favorite frequents are the value menus of Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, and any other fast food joint in sight. Also, when I go to his place, I stay too late and end up not working out in the morning as planned.

I’ve told him about my fitness goals and he was happily supportive and enthusiastic about making the changes. He pumped my head up with wanting to jog at the local park and desiring to learn how to shop healthier and properly buy groceries. I was excited that my boo thang was also on board with building healthier lifestyles.

As time progressed, I noticed, however, that actions were most likely not going to accompany his words. He continued to smoke tobacco, evolving his habit from a Black & Mild cigar a day to a full out pack of cigarettes. The fast food trips continued, only wavering when money was tight. And guess what? No, there was not any time put in running at the local park.

Today is our 6-month anniversary and I have put on ten stinking pounds thus far. I don’t blame him, nor do I blame me, I’m putting this one on the relationship itself. Some would say, “but Tricee, nobody is forcing the fork to your mouth.” True, but you will also never put a recovering crack addict, with a history of relapsing, in a crack house.

At this point, in my second attempt to reach my desired size, I consider myself a recovering addict with a history of relapsing. I have admitted that it is harder for me to say no and committing myself to my goals is going to take extra work. Some of that extra work towards making better choices; analyzing my relationships and running away from the bad ones.

So as I sat there last night, chewing on my pulled pork Vietnamese sandwich, I began to notice during this official week of “healthier living” I have cheated on my eating plan twice and have missed a workout; each incident occurring as a result of being with him. He even tempted me with tobacco.

I realized that he was the crack house and I was sitting in his living room, smoking a rock. Instead of eating the meal that I packed for class, going home to do homework, and getting enough sleep before the gym, I was sitting in my boyfriend’s living room, eating processed carbohydrates and losing much needed sleep.

Making lifestyle changes can be tough, especially if you tend to relapse and involve yourself in relationships that enable your bad habits. A good way to prepare for this challenge is to tell those that may affect your efforts about your goals and what you need to accomplish them. Also, pay attention to and acknowledge people in your life that are enablers. If enablers are unwilling to stop enabling, then don’t take it personal and get some distance.

I’ve decided to distance myself from the enabling crack house I call a boyfriend until I am stronger or he makes changes. To be honest, if I have to become stronger to deal with our conflicting lifestyles then I don’t believe this is going to work out too well.

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