Weight loss update: 5/25/12

Yes… I am still working out. Yes… I am still dieting. However, the entrepreneur in me has been calling and the student is demanding. But the semester is over and I am free. Excuse me while I exhale. And take full responsibility so that I can improve.

I am now on my 5th week of the Underground Workout Manuel and still eating pretty healthy. I have been slipping up a bit as I prepare for this trip to Africa, I have to admit.


The importance of fat

Although I have been seeing small changes like a slimmer face, a lifted behind, and a, might I add, sexy collar bone, I weighed myself to find out that I was at 199 pounds. Still. :< And this midsection is not moving along fast enough for me. Maybe it is a little early to get concerned, but fearful of a 2 week plateau I’ve decided to change my diet.

Sean of Underground Wellness explains this plateau pretty darn well.

I’ll let yaw know how this goes. I brought some raw cheddar and raw butter today as well as some beef, bacon, and sprouted wheat grain bread. And breakfast was the bomb! I had two omega-3 eggs fried in coconut oil, bacon, a skillet-toasted slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Bread with raw butter, and a medium banana. Right away, I noticed having a boost in energy. But we’ll see how everything feels after a few days. My tummy is weird like that.

Week 2: Mo’ water, mo’ water, mo’ water, mo’!

Photo from fan page of Black Women "Do" Work Out!

Oh the importance of water. You’ll be surprised once you are anointed with the knowledge. It makes up to 60% of the human body and is how the body moves everything along smoothly, removes waste adequately, and keeps the skin healthy.

And how about its key role in weight loss? Yes, you need water. You, NEED water.  According to a 2010 article from WebMd.com, water is key to weight loss because it helps the stomach feel fuller before a meal. The article also states that no scientific research proves why water helps with weight loss and nutritionist do not know how much water a person actually needs.

But the unconventional health knowledge from the experts I came across through Underground Wellness have broken down the science of water and weight loss pretty well.

According to what I have learned thus far, the human body has a desire to be healthy and optimal in performance. That means there are plenty of defense mechanisms and processes that take place in the human body to make sure it is healthy and running in top shape. One thing the body does to make sure it is healthy is remove waste.

I’ve heard that waste is also stored in body fat. My guess is that the more water you drink, the more the body and its cells can address the fat it has stored and the waste contained in this fat. Think about it. When you drink plenty of water and have to use the restroom in almost minutes to an hour, does water really get through the system that quick? I don’t think so, I think the body is super happy and gets to work.

It is also said that you need half your body weight, in ounces, of water a day. Is that a lot? Well it depends on how much you weight, but your body will most definitely let you know if you are not getting enough.

Which is pretty much what happened to me this week. After another week of sticking to my healthier eating habits and completing all the workouts from the Underground Workout manual, I did not lose a pound and actually put on 4 ounces. I was not completely crushed by not losing weight because I did see my arms shaping up and my dad, who had not seen me in a month, said I looked like I lost a lot of weight.

After improving my consistency in water intake, I seen a pound gone in a day so I definitely know it was the water.

Water and your body according to http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu:

  • The brain is 70% water
  • Lungs are almost 90% water
  • Lean muscle tissue is 75% water by weight
  • Body fat has 10% water
  • Bone is 22% water
  • Water helps cells “use valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in biological processes.”

1 week of solid hard work, many more to come

My workout set up in the backyard for day 3 of metabolic resistance training. I actually really like agilities.

I dropped some weight this week! Yay! 😀 Not only a few pounds off my frame, but also the partner I was involved with that didn’t really support my healthy lifestyle change.

Oh the time that was freed. With this newly freed time, I did meal prep, had more time to sleep, and stayed more dedicated to my fitness plan; 5 meals a day, plenty of cranberry water for liver cleanse, and 6 days of fun workouts.

This week was the first week back on the Fat Flush Plan and my first week working with the Underground Workout Manuel. I loved it and felt overall better all week.

It’s only been a week and I think I am in love with the Underground Workout Manuel! Brett Klika, Director of Athletics at Fitness Quest 10 and fitness friend of UndergroundWellness creator Sean Croxton, has put together a program that keeps the workouts exciting and the body confused. As explained by Brett in his manual, keeping the body confused means more effective workouts and weight loss.

And I have to testify to the effectiveness of Brett’s workouts. Although I am only in the first week, I have noticed that my emotions have improved, my energy levels are awesome, and I literally feel stronger. Not to mention that I lost 4 pounds! Also, the cardio is very effective but not something I dread completing. The provided journals in the manual are great too.

I feel good all over!



Preventable disease? Not I!

Preventable diseases caused by poor habits

African Americans are more likely to die from preventable diseases, one of the leading causes being heart disease via hypertension, or high blood pressure. My family has been no exception. I’ve lost uncles and aunties to strokes, heart disease, and kidney failure. My dad’s side of the family, although rarely overweight, often suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.  In my mom’s side of the family, where obesity is a problem, diagnoses of high blood pressure are common and expected after fifty.

My mom was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and this diagnosis troubled me because of her dedication to health and working out. This dedication, however, has not necessarily translated into a healthy weight. My mom is overweight and has been battling obesity for a majority of her life. She’ll lose weight and gain weight. Dedicate herself to healthy habits and then fall off the bandwagon into mindless eating and limited activity.  This cycle has also been the story of my life.

High blood pressure plagues the African American community

My goal is to break the pattern of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in my family. Plus, it seems silly to me to be diagnosed with a preventable disease: key word being PREVENTABLE.  Meaning this is a disease that does not have to be had. I refuse. My brother has also refused when he lost 80 pounds. I refused when I dropped 80 pounds and continue to refuse today as I work out and eat right.

I also refuse to be a damn statistic. I might be black, but I won’t be getting any high blood pressure or diabetes in my lifetime.  I also refuse to suffer with lung cancer and high cholesterol. Which is simple because all that means is avoiding the activities that cause them. So, I’ve quit smoking and now I eat correctly and workout. As simple as that. I think.

One woman over 200 pounds and another at normal weight. Notice the strain on organs, bones and muscles.

At the tender age of twenty-six, I might be speaking ignorantly optimistic. But armed with this knowledge in wholesome eating and the power of eating real foods, I might have a pretty high chance at achieving this goal.

Resolution FAIL?! Not this time!

Oh that silly resolution to lose weight. For the past 11 years of my life, weight loss has been a New Years Resolution. Well, except for those few years I spent weighing 160 pounds. But usually, the routine is to resolve to lose weight, do all my research, build my plan, and head to the gym, only to fail in a few months, if not in a few weeks.

I’ve found that my schedule and crazy commute becomes my excuses as to why I’m once again dodging the gym and stuffing my face. My workdays become overwhelming, the commute to class gets tiring, and before I know it, I’m back to eating one or two hefty meals a day, snacking on processed foods, and missing my workouts for the sake of getting in extra work.

Back in the Day

But this time around, I asked myself how important is my health to me. Am I willing to experience the let-down? Do I want to be upset with myself? Do I want to continue to desire something that is very much so in my reach? Or will I like to finally feel accomplished, proud, and healthy after reaching my health and fitness goals? I’m tired of looking at the calendar and realizing that I could have lost 4 pounds in the last week instead of feeling miserable from the bad eating habits and missed workouts.

Inspired by funhealthfamily, I’ve decided to pick back up with the blogging as well and confess the reason for my hiatus. That way I continue to feel held accountable for my lacking. I would say I can check myself, but as you can probably tell, I’m sometimes a softy when it comes to myself on slacking with my goals.

This slacker period has also helped me realize how miserable I feel when I don’t work out and eat right. I’ve noticed that with regular workouts and a healthy diet, I don’t need much sleep and wake up energized. Not that I’m going to start skipping on sleep, but I can now do five to six hours and wake up ready for the gym. I can sometimes function off of four hours, but I only do that for a few days.

To Keep Me Motivated:

TMI but…

I will not stop showering if I missed a shower, so why will I stop working out when I miss a workout? 

My Man: the enabler

Chubby together

Last evening, as I sat in my boyfriend’s apartment, chowing on something out of my budget and off of my diet, I started to wonder how I got to this point. I’m supposed to be turning over a new leaf, changing my ways, and making better choices, not only about my diet, but also about my money. But around my man, all hell breakes loose.

My boyfriend is a man that eats out for a majority of his meals. A meal at home is a Cup-of-Noodle and leftovers.  He does not workout, smokes tobacco, and smokes more trees than I care to acknowledge. His favorite frequents are the value menus of Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, and any other fast food joint in sight. Also, when I go to his place, I stay too late and end up not working out in the morning as planned.

I’ve told him about my fitness goals and he was happily supportive and enthusiastic about making the changes. He pumped my head up with wanting to jog at the local park and desiring to learn how to shop healthier and properly buy groceries. I was excited that my boo thang was also on board with building healthier lifestyles.

As time progressed, I noticed, however, that actions were most likely not going to accompany his words. He continued to smoke tobacco, evolving his habit from a Black & Mild cigar a day to a full out pack of cigarettes. The fast food trips continued, only wavering when money was tight. And guess what? No, there was not any time put in running at the local park.

Today is our 6-month anniversary and I have put on ten stinking pounds thus far. I don’t blame him, nor do I blame me, I’m putting this one on the relationship itself. Some would say, “but Tricee, nobody is forcing the fork to your mouth.” True, but you will also never put a recovering crack addict, with a history of relapsing, in a crack house.

At this point, in my second attempt to reach my desired size, I consider myself a recovering addict with a history of relapsing. I have admitted that it is harder for me to say no and committing myself to my goals is going to take extra work. Some of that extra work towards making better choices; analyzing my relationships and running away from the bad ones.

So as I sat there last night, chewing on my pulled pork Vietnamese sandwich, I began to notice during this official week of “healthier living” I have cheated on my eating plan twice and have missed a workout; each incident occurring as a result of being with him. He even tempted me with tobacco.

I realized that he was the crack house and I was sitting in his living room, smoking a rock. Instead of eating the meal that I packed for class, going home to do homework, and getting enough sleep before the gym, I was sitting in my boyfriend’s living room, eating processed carbohydrates and losing much needed sleep.

Making lifestyle changes can be tough, especially if you tend to relapse and involve yourself in relationships that enable your bad habits. A good way to prepare for this challenge is to tell those that may affect your efforts about your goals and what you need to accomplish them. Also, pay attention to and acknowledge people in your life that are enablers. If enablers are unwilling to stop enabling, then don’t take it personal and get some distance.

I’ve decided to distance myself from the enabling crack house I call a boyfriend until I am stronger or he makes changes. To be honest, if I have to become stronger to deal with our conflicting lifestyles then I don’t believe this is going to work out too well.

Check out my video discussion @ Boo Thangs and Weight Loss