April… Friday the 13th… Oooo weigh in

Photo curtesy of Your First Figure Competition fan page on Facebook.

My first blogged weigh-in of 2012. You might be thinking, “damn girl, you waited until April? The year damn near over!” Well before you even go there, I somewhat have just cause: procrastination, over doing the cheat days (having at least 2 a week) and missing two workout days (or more) a week. I know… shame!

Before I knew it… it’s April, and bam! I’m still chubby with only 2 pounds gone to show for the days I did bust my behind and ate right. How frustrating?! Needless to say, I really didn’t have a reason to post… except to say that I’ve been cheating. Actually, I think this is the second post where I say something to this affect. Anywho… I’m never giving up!

I had my body fat percentage done for the first time and I’m at 35.6%. According to BuiltLean.com, anything over 32% is obese.

Chart from BuiltLean.com


Weight: 205.6 lb.


Waist: 42″

Chestt: 41″

Left thigh: 26″

Right thigh: 26.5″

Left arm: 14.5″

Right arm: 14.5″


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