Resolution FAIL?! Not this time!

Oh that silly resolution to lose weight. For the past 11 years of my life, weight loss has been a New Years Resolution. Well, except for those few years I spent weighing 160 pounds. But usually, the routine is to resolve to lose weight, do all my research, build my plan, and head to the gym, only to fail in a few months, if not in a few weeks.

I’ve found that my schedule and crazy commute becomes my excuses as to why I’m once again dodging the gym and stuffing my face. My workdays become overwhelming, the commute to class gets tiring, and before I know it, I’m back to eating one or two hefty meals a day, snacking on processed foods, and missing my workouts for the sake of getting in extra work.

Back in the Day

But this time around, I asked myself how important is my health to me. Am I willing to experience the let-down? Do I want to be upset with myself? Do I want to continue to desire something that is very much so in my reach? Or will I like to finally feel accomplished, proud, and healthy after reaching my health and fitness goals? I’m tired of looking at the calendar and realizing that I could have lost 4 pounds in the last week instead of feeling miserable from the bad eating habits and missed workouts.

Inspired by funhealthfamily, I’ve decided to pick back up with the blogging as well and confess the reason for my hiatus. That way I continue to feel held accountable for my lacking. I would say I can check myself, but as you can probably tell, I’m sometimes a softy when it comes to myself on slacking with my goals.

This slacker period has also helped me realize how miserable I feel when I don’t work out and eat right. I’ve noticed that with regular workouts and a healthy diet, I don’t need much sleep and wake up energized. Not that I’m going to start skipping on sleep, but I can now do five to six hours and wake up ready for the gym. I can sometimes function off of four hours, but I only do that for a few days.

To Keep Me Motivated:

TMI but…

I will not stop showering if I missed a shower, so why will I stop working out when I miss a workout?