Slow Down, Shop Smart

Cheapest trusted Plantains

Today I picked up some produce at one of my favorite stores, Real Produce. Real Produce, in San Jose, is small and the customer service is always awesome. Also equally awesome, if not more, are the prices!! I LOVE THE PRICES!

I have yet to walk out of this shop spending more than 20 bucks. Here is where I found that buying leafy salad greens by the bulk is a whole heap cheaper than buying the bags at the supermarket. I would love to say that everything is cheaper here than at the supermarket, but that is not the case. I can usually remember the price range of a veggie or fruit and decide to go elsewhere. Real Produce, however, remains my first stop. 

It is definitely important to shop around when beginning a wholesome eating lifestyle. Especially if your pockets are about as tight as mine. When I first decided to change my lifestyle, Wholefoods freaked me out. The price of vitamins and supplements also discouraged my intended changes.

Then I discovered the power of being a good shopper. I pay attention to prices and do not hesitate to pass an item. I also found that doing research on vitamins, supplements, and cleansing or detox supplements saves a ton of money. I save by reading ingredients. If the cheaper item does the same thing as the more expensive item and still has a lot of the essential nutrients I was looking for, I go with the cheaper item. Obviously. 🙂

It is essential to begin with a plan to avoid picking up produce and other foods you will not be able to eat in time. When I first started out last year, I found that I purchased food too enthusiastically instead of slowing down for an informed and cheaper trip. At first, I probably lost about $5 in produce every two weeks to mold and my left-overs occasionally went bad. As a busy student, intern, and academic assistant, I was barely at home to eat what I brought.

When I shop I consider how busy my week is, what I have time to prepare, and how much do I actually eat. On busier weeks, anything that decomposes quick or needs a considerable amount of chopping, I don’t purchase. I also found that dried fruits and raw nuts are my friends. 😀

As you explore the world of wholesome eating, and leave behind the heavily processed foods, you will find that what you spent on frosted flakes, pizza rolls, and trips to burger joints, can easily fund better choices. You might even find yourself saving some money.

Good eating for under 20 bucks





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