Just Eat(ing) Real Foods (JERF) 2011 Results

Weight loss that worked for me

During 2010, I came across fitness trainer and health expert Sean Croxton and his wonderful cyber world of Underground Wellness. Deemed unconventional, Sean Croxton takes a holistic and organic approach to obtaining optimized health. He encourages his followers to break free from the old ways of weight loss. Calorie counting is discouraged, fats are promoted, and low-fat is not brought up unless it is being discredited.

Most recently, Croxton has summarized his message, and the message of other organic and holistic health experts, into one simple concept; just eat real food (JERF). That means leaving behind anything that has been heavily processed. Eating fruits, vegetables, sprouts, raw nuts, cage free/vegetarian fed meats, roots, and raw dairy is considered JERF. Any food with more than three ingredients is a no no unless it is a recipe, of course.

In 2011, I adopted this simple, yet extremely effective method of obtaining health. I lost an average of 2-5 pounds a week and did not find it hard to stick to my routine, because I was hardly ever hungry when my body was not supposed to eat. I also worked out regularly and drunk half of my weight, in ounces, of water a day.

At the beginning of 2011, I weighed 235 pounds. I tried eating primarily raw foods, then I tried being a vegetarian, and lets not forget about that incredibly intense juicing fast. Since I hate being hungry, I probably stuck to each attempt for about a couple of weeks to a month.

But with JERF, I lost weight and felt much better daily. I had energy to work out and I did not waste sleep counting calories or reading ingredients. I also found that weight did not accumulate on me excessively when I fell off of my journey. My weight did not go higher than 208, which is 10 pounds from my lowest weight in 2011, and sometimes decreased. Despite that fact that I was eating out more than 3 times a week and stopped working out completely. With other diets, I would have most likely put on all of the weight I lost in a short period of time.


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