Eating Real Real Cheap

My monthly grocery bill has been set at $160 and I intend to stick to it. Listening to folks complain about the high cost of healthy foods, I decided to document how cheap eating real actually is. The beginning of a weight loss journey is always the most expensive for me, but it gets cheaper as time goes own and my eating habits improve.

For the first week, I’ve had to purchase some more coconut oil, more sea salt, and another saltless spice blend. I’ll probably purchase these items once a month or every three weeks. Other items I know will hike up my bill, but will not be purchased regularly are my daily vitamins and my raw organic green superfood.

My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe’s 😀 hands down! I buy my produce at a store called Real Produce or there is the farmer’s markets, of course. At Whole Foods expensive ass I have to buy my raw organic green superfood and raw women vitamins. If you know of any place cheaper, please help a sistah out.

Check out the receipt… I don’t think I spent too much. And I was double charged for the coconut oil.


Trader Joe's Run


2 thoughts on “Eating Real Real Cheap

  1. I have just started a a blog on eating healthy and getting your family healthy. I often comment on ways to do it cheaper because with 3 kids money is tight. I will be watching your blog closely and most likely adding it to the suggested blogs for readers.

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