Just Eat(ing) Real Foods (JERF) 2011 Results

Weight loss that worked for me

During 2010, I came across fitness trainer and health expert Sean Croxton and his wonderful cyber world of Underground Wellness. Deemed unconventional, Sean Croxton takes a holistic and organic approach to obtaining optimized health. He encourages his followers to break free from the old ways of weight loss. Calorie counting is discouraged, fats are promoted, and low-fat is not brought up unless it is being discredited.

Most recently, Croxton has summarized his message, and the message of other organic and holistic health experts, into one simple concept; just eat real food (JERF). That means leaving behind anything that has been heavily processed. Eating fruits, vegetables, sprouts, raw nuts, cage free/vegetarian fed meats, roots, and raw dairy is considered JERF. Any food with more than three ingredients is a no no unless it is a recipe, of course.

In 2011, I adopted this simple, yet extremely effective method of obtaining health. I lost an average of 2-5 pounds a week and did not find it hard to stick to my routine, because I was hardly ever hungry when my body was not supposed to eat. I also worked out regularly and drunk half of my weight, in ounces, of water a day.

At the beginning of 2011, I weighed 235 pounds. I tried eating primarily raw foods, then I tried being a vegetarian, and lets not forget about that incredibly intense juicing fast. Since I hate being hungry, I probably stuck to each attempt for about a couple of weeks to a month.

But with JERF, I lost weight and felt much better daily. I had energy to work out and I did not waste sleep counting calories or reading ingredients. I also found that weight did not accumulate on me excessively when I fell off of my journey. My weight did not go higher than 208, which is 10 pounds from my lowest weight in 2011, and sometimes decreased. Despite that fact that I was eating out more than 3 times a week and stopped working out completely. With other diets, I would have most likely put on all of the weight I lost in a short period of time.


Slow Down, Shop Smart

Cheapest trusted Plantains

Today I picked up some produce at one of my favorite stores, Real Produce. Real Produce, in San Jose, is small and the customer service is always awesome. Also equally awesome, if not more, are the prices!! I LOVE THE PRICES!

I have yet to walk out of this shop spending more than 20 bucks. Here is where I found that buying leafy salad greens by the bulk is a whole heap cheaper than buying the bags at the supermarket. I would love to say that everything is cheaper here than at the supermarket, but that is not the case. I can usually remember the price range of a veggie or fruit and decide to go elsewhere. Real Produce, however, remains my first stop. 

It is definitely important to shop around when beginning a wholesome eating lifestyle. Especially if your pockets are about as tight as mine. When I first decided to change my lifestyle, Wholefoods freaked me out. The price of vitamins and supplements also discouraged my intended changes.

Then I discovered the power of being a good shopper. I pay attention to prices and do not hesitate to pass an item. I also found that doing research on vitamins, supplements, and cleansing or detox supplements saves a ton of money. I save by reading ingredients. If the cheaper item does the same thing as the more expensive item and still has a lot of the essential nutrients I was looking for, I go with the cheaper item. Obviously. 🙂

It is essential to begin with a plan to avoid picking up produce and other foods you will not be able to eat in time. When I first started out last year, I found that I purchased food too enthusiastically instead of slowing down for an informed and cheaper trip. At first, I probably lost about $5 in produce every two weeks to mold and my left-overs occasionally went bad. As a busy student, intern, and academic assistant, I was barely at home to eat what I brought.

When I shop I consider how busy my week is, what I have time to prepare, and how much do I actually eat. On busier weeks, anything that decomposes quick or needs a considerable amount of chopping, I don’t purchase. I also found that dried fruits and raw nuts are my friends. 😀

As you explore the world of wholesome eating, and leave behind the heavily processed foods, you will find that what you spent on frosted flakes, pizza rolls, and trips to burger joints, can easily fund better choices. You might even find yourself saving some money.

Good eating for under 20 bucks




My Man: the enabler

Chubby together

Last evening, as I sat in my boyfriend’s apartment, chowing on something out of my budget and off of my diet, I started to wonder how I got to this point. I’m supposed to be turning over a new leaf, changing my ways, and making better choices, not only about my diet, but also about my money. But around my man, all hell breakes loose.

My boyfriend is a man that eats out for a majority of his meals. A meal at home is a Cup-of-Noodle and leftovers.  He does not workout, smokes tobacco, and smokes more trees than I care to acknowledge. His favorite frequents are the value menus of Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, and any other fast food joint in sight. Also, when I go to his place, I stay too late and end up not working out in the morning as planned.

I’ve told him about my fitness goals and he was happily supportive and enthusiastic about making the changes. He pumped my head up with wanting to jog at the local park and desiring to learn how to shop healthier and properly buy groceries. I was excited that my boo thang was also on board with building healthier lifestyles.

As time progressed, I noticed, however, that actions were most likely not going to accompany his words. He continued to smoke tobacco, evolving his habit from a Black & Mild cigar a day to a full out pack of cigarettes. The fast food trips continued, only wavering when money was tight. And guess what? No, there was not any time put in running at the local park.

Today is our 6-month anniversary and I have put on ten stinking pounds thus far. I don’t blame him, nor do I blame me, I’m putting this one on the relationship itself. Some would say, “but Tricee, nobody is forcing the fork to your mouth.” True, but you will also never put a recovering crack addict, with a history of relapsing, in a crack house.

At this point, in my second attempt to reach my desired size, I consider myself a recovering addict with a history of relapsing. I have admitted that it is harder for me to say no and committing myself to my goals is going to take extra work. Some of that extra work towards making better choices; analyzing my relationships and running away from the bad ones.

So as I sat there last night, chewing on my pulled pork Vietnamese sandwich, I began to notice during this official week of “healthier living” I have cheated on my eating plan twice and have missed a workout; each incident occurring as a result of being with him. He even tempted me with tobacco.

I realized that he was the crack house and I was sitting in his living room, smoking a rock. Instead of eating the meal that I packed for class, going home to do homework, and getting enough sleep before the gym, I was sitting in my boyfriend’s living room, eating processed carbohydrates and losing much needed sleep.

Making lifestyle changes can be tough, especially if you tend to relapse and involve yourself in relationships that enable your bad habits. A good way to prepare for this challenge is to tell those that may affect your efforts about your goals and what you need to accomplish them. Also, pay attention to and acknowledge people in your life that are enablers. If enablers are unwilling to stop enabling, then don’t take it personal and get some distance.

I’ve decided to distance myself from the enabling crack house I call a boyfriend until I am stronger or he makes changes. To be honest, if I have to become stronger to deal with our conflicting lifestyles then I don’t believe this is going to work out too well.

Check out my video discussion @ Boo Thangs and Weight Loss

Eating Real Real Cheap

My monthly grocery bill has been set at $160 and I intend to stick to it. Listening to folks complain about the high cost of healthy foods, I decided to document how cheap eating real actually is. The beginning of a weight loss journey is always the most expensive for me, but it gets cheaper as time goes own and my eating habits improve.

For the first week, I’ve had to purchase some more coconut oil, more sea salt, and another saltless spice blend. I’ll probably purchase these items once a month or every three weeks. Other items I know will hike up my bill, but will not be purchased regularly are my daily vitamins and my raw organic green superfood.

My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe’s 😀 hands down! I buy my produce at a store called Real Produce or there is the farmer’s markets, of course. At Whole Foods expensive ass I have to buy my raw organic green superfood and raw women vitamins. If you know of any place cheaper, please help a sistah out.

Check out the receipt… I don’t think I spent too much. And I was double charged for the coconut oil.


Trader Joe's Run

Get Yo Bawdy Clean

You'll need some greens : )

This is my method: 

If you are looking for quick weight loss and don’t mind the hunger: 

  • The Master Cleanse – fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, water, cayenne pepper. Drink the mix all day for, I believe, 10 days. It is best to take 3 days prior for transitioning. First day, start with eating no meats; second day, all raw veggies and fruits; third day, just soups and broths. Check link for specifics or corrections. I have not tried this method yet, but have heard cool reviews about its effectiveness.
  • Juicing – drinking nothing but fresh juices from fresh fruits and veggies with broth and herbal teas. I think you can cheat with a sugarless hard candy. This was the hardest method for me ever!! I lasted a little over 10 days and each day was painful. Some say they get over the hunger, I didn’t get over hunger, the pain just got less intense. My breath stank and I barely had any energy. On the other hand, I’ve heard about people that lose 50 pounds in a month and feel awesome after a week or so.

More links I found helpful: 

Juice Recipes 

Cleansing Diets and articles 

Detox diets 

Transition and Cleansing

In the past, I’ve noticed that a change in my eating habits is hardest when I am hungry. In order to fight the failure that results from feeling starved, I am going to transition into my new eating habits without jumping in head first.

Since hunger pisses me off, I’m not going with the fasting method of a liquid cleanse. I am choosing to support my body’s own desire to be clean by loading up on wholesome foods from the earth and plenty of water. And when I say plenty of water, I mean plenty of water; half of my body weight, in ounces.

Last year, prior to losing 40 pounds, I began with a cleanse. The cleanse removed toxins and increased weight loss. I also found that the cleanse made coming off of carbohydrates a lot easier. I am a carb junky that gets headaches and feels hungry without a piece of bread or something.

Intended Cleansing Schedule:

For a better view: Transition Chart Sheet1
Find under “Helpful Links” other cleansing methods.

I Begin With an Inspiration

Tiara Kristine


I love this woman’s body and it is plastered to my desktop. This is model Tiara Kristine. I chose her as my inspiration because her body shape is somewhat like mine and I wanted to chose an inspiration that was realistic. I love her softly defined abs, nice waist, thick legs, and in shape booty. My goal is to lose some chub, not be skinny.

2012 Fitness Goals:

  • Improve health
  • Lose 50 more pounds
  • Maintain size of butt, thighs and hips
  • Define abs (soft)
  • Improve muscle tone in arms and back (upper and lower)
  • DO IT ALL WITHOUT FEELING HUNGRY – Starvation makes me angry. Grrr.